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1. Do I Have To Make Reservations?

For a party of six or more reservations are highly preferred. However, we do offer walk on.

2. Do You Cancel Your Tour Because Of Inclement Weather?

By making prior reservations we would be able to notify you of any cancellations.

3. Is There An Age Limit?

You must be 21 and older to drink alcoholic beverages.

4. Should I Tip The Driver And Server?

Our team wants to make sure your experience is the best experience ever. All tips will be left up to you.

5. Can We Bring Our Own Food And Beverages?

Yes, we are a bring your own beverage and food tour. We will provide cups and ice for your tour.


6. On The Tour Can We Make Any Stops?

We can make as many stops as needed as long as it's in the allotted time of the tour.


7. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Customers can receive a full refund if they cancel within 72 hours prior to tour. Or due to inclement weather, but no shows for reservations will be charged full price.


8. How Early Do We Need To Arrive For Tour?

Please arrive 30 minutes before tour departure to go through waiver, rules, and regulations.


9. If Running Late Can The Trolley Wait For Our Party?

Due to the demand of the trolley we have a schedule to maintain. However, if you and your guest rent the trolley for a private tour. We will wait, but the tour would end at its scheduled time.


10. Is A Signed Waiver Required To Ride On Trolley?

Yes, everyone is required to sign the waiver. Must have adult to sign for group or underage children.


11. Do I Have To Bring My ID?

Yes, we take drinking and our laws seriously. Id is required especially if drinking any alcoholic beverages.


12. What If I Am Pregnant Can I Ride The Trolley?

It is at the riders discretion to decide if they want to ride the trolley.


13. Are There Any Additional Charges That I May Acquire?

You may acquire additional charges if your tour has to be extended. Jolly Trolley tours will be selling snacks and other merchandise on the tour. We also reserve the right to bill your payment method if you or your group causes any damages to the trolley.


14. What Would Get Me Or My Party Kicked Off The Trolley?

Be assured the last thing we at the Jolley Trolley tours would ever want to do is kick anyone off the tour, but safety is first. No horse playing or standing while the trolley is moving, throwing items off the trolley, Passing alcoholic beverages to people on the street whether they are of age or underage, and ignoring the terms of the waiver can get you removed from the tour without a refund.

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